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Miracle Oil for removing scars

A friend who fell off her bike over the summer and she got really scratched up. She spent the week rubbing Bio-Oil on her face and massaging it into her scratches and scars. Slowly but surely the scabs shrunk and then fell off revealing glowing new skin underneath! My other friend witnessed this and went to go buy a big bottle of Bio-Oil. I started to see the difference in both my friends skin, so I've jumped on the Bio-Oil train. I have some scars from figure skating, insect bites, dance injuries, mysterious bruises/scratches, stretch marks, scars that won't go away... ok you get the picture. I needed some of that miracle oil.

According to their website:

The Bio‐Oil formulation is a combination of plant extracts and vitamins suspended in an oil base. It contains the breakthrough ingredient PurCellin Oil™, which changes the formulation’s overall consistency, making it light and non‐greasy, ensuring that the goodness contained in the vitamins and plant extracts is easily absorbed. Bio‐Oil has undergone safety assessments in accordance with the Council on Cosmetic Products. The toxicological profile, chemical structure, level of inclusion and total level of daily exposure of each ingredient used has been assessed and deemed safe for use (including for use by pregnant women). Bio‐Oil is a member of Beauty Without Cruelty International.

After reading some reviews online, I would definitely only recommend to use this product on body scars first because there have been some skin reactions such as clogged pores resulting in a pimple attack on the face. If you live in a dry climate and have dry skin, you may be able to use it on your face sometimes.


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