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Half lashes

A mainstay in my kit are false eyelashes that look natural. My favorite kinds are 1/2 lashes strategically placed on the outer corner of the lash line. Asian brides especially love 1/2 lashes because it gives a little more drama without overdoing the look. I also love to use 1/2 lashes for a party/special event look to add a little drama without having to use a lot of eye make up. The concern with false lashes have always been "how do I put on false lashes?" All you need is a good lash glue (don't use the one from the case), I like the MAC adhesive glue and a pair of tweezers. Apply the adhesive onto the lashes and wait about a minute for it to dry a bit so its not so wet. Using the tweezers to pick up the lashes, place them from above the lash line. Pat with your middle finger or ring finger to let it stick naturally. Tip: try not to do sudden blinking, its best to keep your eyes still until the glue fully dries. If you can't find 1/2 lashes, another option I do is get natural looking lashes (you can trim the lashes while its still in the case if the lashes are too long for you) and cut it in 1/2. Voila! You have two pairs of 1/2 lashes now! False lashes take a little getting used to so I recommend playing around with a cheap drugstore brand first if you plan on wearing lashes on your big day to get used to the idea of false lashes.


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