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The silkiest lipstick you'll ever own

Get Silky Finish lipstick from eBay

I recently purchased "Liar lips" from the silky finish lipstick line from Benefit and it feels like silk on the lips. When the weather gets cooler, lipsticks make a comeback and the glosses are kept at a minimum. Benefit has been revamping their make up and I like the new products that are coming out. In Singapore, Benefit is the "it" cosmetic line and the price is more than double for each product. I have no idea why that is the case. I use Dallas blush bronzer, Lemon Aid, Eyecon, Boi-ing industrial concealer, She laq, Honey snap out of it scrub, and their foundation brush in my personal make up kit and/or my professional kit. I can't wait to see what this company comes out with next.

This Amazon link contains an affiliate link. This affiliate link would reward me with a small commission should you decide to purchase this product at no additional cost to you.

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