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The best lip balm ever!

Purchase Fresh Sugar lip treatment

Fresh is one of those luxury cosmetic brands that you love but not the price. Yet, you keep going back for more because their products smell and feel great. I picked up a concealer and the sugar lip treatment the last time I went inside the Fresh store in Soho. The sugar lip treatment is awesome, especially for this time of the year when the temperature drops and the wind chill is biting. The lip treatment is not sticky and feels smooth when put on the lips. It comes in a cute lipstick tube but this shouldn't deter the guys from purchasing this lip balm. My boyfriend uses this and likes that it isn't glossy or shiney or has any hint of color. This is great to put underneath a beautiful gloss or lipstick as well. The taste is their signature sugar. The ingredients that Fresh use in their products are sugar, rice, soy, water, etc. basically all-natural ingredients. This particular lip balm doesn't use petroleum so it doesn't feel like putting on vaseline on your lips. Next time you find yourself in biting cold weather and your lips are super-dry, you're going to want this product.

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