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Calvin Klein Beauty

Calvin Klein sheer lip plumper

Ck Calvin Klein came out with an entirely new make up line. How Fabulous! Surprisingly the prices for their products are fairly inexpensive and the colors of their glosses are very pretty and wearable. I visited the Sephora on 34th st and picked up a peachy gloss from this line. This is what is written about the line on the Sephora page.

"An innovative fusion of fashion and beauty, the collection reflects a wardrobe, with signature elements enhanced by accessories and trends. Modern concepts of color and texture begin on the runway, then translate to the face. Fabrics are reinterpreted—black cashmere becomes a smudge of eye liner, slick patent a sexy lip gloss. A line of individualized shades designed to create the look of the season. "

Anyways, onto the gloss. It was $13! It comes in a tubular/squarish casing and when you open the cap all you have to do is a little squeeze and the gloss comes out. The angle the plastic casing is shaped in a way you can apply the gloss without getting your fingers messy. I personally like to use my fingers to apply gloss and tap it onto my lips lightly to give it a shiny pout. So check out this make up line!

This post contains an Amazon affiliate link. I would receive a small commission if you choose to purchase the product mentioned in this link at no additional cost to you.

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