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The best facial scrub I've ever used

Nude Brightening fizzy powder wash

UPDATE July 4, 2017: Nude Skincare no longer carry the facial scrub as they are continuing to make their products better and better. I just discovered this Fizzy wash on their website that I'm looking to trying next time I'm in London.

Right before the holidays, I stopped into Barneys and discovered this UK skincare line that is all-natural and soothing for the skin, especially in harsh weather climates. I was about to go on a long distance flight and go to a place where it was tropical climates and my skin was going to take a beating from the dry cold windy air of NY to the recycled air on the plane to humidity and heat from Singapore. I was in the market for a new facial scrub so I picked up the facial scrub offered by Nude Skincare because the granules were so tiny and it didn't seem harsh on the skin at all. Exfoliators are tough to purchase because you have to make sure it won't strip your skin of natural oils but rather the dead skin cell build up on the surface of your skin. I do have to say that this little jar is awesome. My skin feels soft and looks radiant after using this product. I use it about twice a week or more when I've been rolling around alot in the dance studio. Another great product I tried of the Nude line is the hydrating water. Its a nice spritzer to keep in your purse/office drawer as a little perk-me-up in the middle of the day. Keeps your skin moisturized and dewy, you can even put it on with make up on! Its apparently their best-seller. Definitely check out this skincare line.

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