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The Matte Eyeshadow trend

Black matte eyeshadow

I've been really into matte eyeshadow and dark smokey shadows lately. Perhaps all the holiday sparkle has gotten to me and I want something more mysterious. I received a Sephora gift card for my birthday from a friend of mine and I went into the old store I used to work at in Soho. I missed working there sometimes. With $25 on the gift card, I didn't want to overdo it and wandered the store. For the price range of only $10 a shadow and the multitude of different textures and colors, its a steal. I picked up a matte shadow in No. 8 a sea gray which means it has a twinge of blue in it. This was just the color I was looking for. The Sephora brand eyeshadows have nylon-12 in them thus making it long-lasting and they are high pigmented so its not made of cheap stuff. I was happy that they had a line of matte eyeshadows, for those that are maturing and are worried about make up settling in fine lines, matte eyeshadows will work the best for you b/c you won't have to deal with sparkles settling in the lines which will magnify them.

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