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The most addictive lip plumper you'll ever use

Pout Cosmetics has an addictive lip plumper that I love so much. I've never finished a lip gloss tube to the last drop until I came across Pout's original lip plump. The minty taste, the glossy nature, and the plumping effect is amazing! I always forget to reapply lip balm or gloss to keep my lips hydrated but this gloss made me look forward to reapplying gloss on my lips when I get the chance to the annoyance of my boyfriend. hehe. The maxi lip formula in the product actually works over time with continued usage. It really did plump my lips. Maxi lip is also a collagen booster so if you're getting to that age where your lipgloss/lipstick is feathering then this would boost collagen production and make your lips appear fuller. The glossy nature of this product is perfect, smooth and not sticky at all.

Update: As of January 2008, Pout Cosmetics ceased operations and shut down. :-(

Another lip plumper I recommend is Buxom.

This Amazon link contains an affiliate link. This affiliate link would reward me with a small commission should you decide to purchase this product at no additional cost to you.

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