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Creamy cheeks and lips with Stila

Allure has written up Stila's little convertible color compacts for being versatile in nature so that in the summer or while travelling this summer one can double up on their blush and lipstick/gloss. I was playing around with the colors offered at the Sephora on 34th st last week and deduced that peony would be the perfect flush and work with many skin tones.

I'd recommend trying out the colors on the back of your arm and your cheek before making a desicion on whether this little compact would be a useful and lovely addition to your make up, especially when you want to jet out the door early.

The reason why I picked Peony is because it gives the skin a natural look. The creamy texture is soothing and blending it into the cheekbones are pretty easy. But don't forget to add a little highlighter on top of your cheekbones and some bronzer to contour.

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