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Perfect sun kissed glow with Benefit Dallas

If there is a product that I can't live without is Benefit's Dallas. It looks super dark in the little box but its amazing. Dallas is it. Personally, I prefer this to Nars Orgasm (altho this is another blush that I rave about as well as Laura Mercier's Nectar). Dallas is a combination blush/bronzer in one. Benefit has really done this product well.

This product looks good on camera as well. It gives me a rosy hue that is typical of after vigorous exercise but not too pink. I have put this blush/bronzer on a lot of different types of people and skin. It looks so natural and pretty. Just like my style, natural and pretty. You will love this!

This blush also can perk up a dull complexion for those too many over-nighters and lack of sleep because of stress nights. Blush is, in my opinion, the ultimate in faking your age.

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