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Fake sleep with YSL Touche Eclat

I was travelling through the airport the other day and stopped by the Duty Free store. I found YSL's Touche Eclat in a pack of two for $53. I purchased it and gave one to my mother and kept one for myself. I love it. I don't have dark circles under my eyes but sometimes I don't get enough sleep and need a little boost but a concealer is too rich or not needed. Enter YSL Touche Eclat, it works like a highlighter with a creamy texture. It brightened up the area almost immediately.

Now I believe all the hype behind this product. Its a cult product, its expensive so thats why I haven't bought it in the past but I couldn't resist a good Duty Free buy. Hehehe. Changi airport has really good duty free shopping if you know what I mean ;-)

There is also a big duty free store in the heart of the city that I may stop in if I don't find any other good beauty buys.

So far, I've purchased a pack of collagen sheet masks for my bridal make up kit (perfect for prepping the skin on the day of the wedding because it causes the skin to "glow" from within), several false eyelashes (I love false eyelashes, especially for special occasions). My beauty purchases have a simple rule when it comes to travelling, only purchase products that are cheaper or hard-to-find in the US.

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